2.18.15 | Marian, The Librarian – Music Man (Musical)

Stand-out Lyric/s – But when I try in here to tell you, dear  / I love you madly, madly,  / Madam Librarian…Marian!

I had a mini flashback today. A flashback of when I went to Community College in Kansas. I remembered life being so simple and care-free. While I was in good ole Iola, Kansas for college, I would wake up at 4:45 for Cheerleading practice at 5, then start classes at 8, go to Dance practice at 3, eat dinner, and go to Theatre rehearsal from 7-11. Afterwards, I would try to get in some homework as well. It’s safe to say, I stayed pretty busy.
My favorite part of the day, had to be when I went to Theatre rehearsal. My first musical I did in Iola, was The Music Man. To be honest, I had heard of the show, but didn’t really care for it. I was cast as a River City teen dancer! There was a group of us all cast as that part and it was the best group I could’ve asked for and I made lasting friendships in that group. I thought of the song “Shepoopi” from The Music Man and all of the memories came flooding back. I remember this song especially because it was one of the bigger dance numbers that we did. I also remember suffering a mild concussion from one of the other dancers hitting me on the head. Thinking of that, makes me smile and laugh a little.
I miss being in that little town, and making memories there. There wasn’t too much to do in the town but you learned how to make your own fun. I had never had to do that in my life before so it was challenging in the beginning, but that town changed my thinking on a lot of things.

Yours for the listening,