3.4.15 | Turn It Off – The Book Of Mormon Cast

Stand-out Lyric/s – Turn it off like a light switch / Just go, click / It’s a cool little Mormon trick / We do it all the time / When you’re feeling certain feelings / That just don’t seem right / Treat those pesky feelings like a reading light

So last night, I went to go see The Book of Mormon. It has been such a long time since I’ve seen anything in a theatre and to see a touring show was quite the treat! I went into Book of Mormon with not a clue of what it was about or anything at all. The ONLY thing I knew, was that the creators of South Park had made this musical. That got me excited for some comedy for sure!
I walked out absolutely loving this show! It was great! Just the right mix of tongue-in-cheek comedy with a sense of sincerity as well. I went with two of my girlfriends and we all had a blast. After the show, I had a burst of energy and could not stop singing Turn It Off, a song that was in the show. I felt the urge to perform again, and to get on a stage. Of course I know I’d have to find something that I’m interested in, and then audition, and then get on the stage. But that night just being a goof in my room with my fiancé looking on and giggling at me was enough. It just made me happy! So I decided that I at least have to see 2 touring shows every year. Just to remind why I love performing and why it became such a big part of my life.
When the cast had ended the show, the girl who played Nabulungi, spoke about her experience being on tour and performing the show every night and it almost made me well up. I remember being a part of a theatre community and how strong they were. Yes, they might have been a little clique -y but all in all, I always came out with some of the best friends and memories.
It was a great night being one with the theatre again and I can not wait to go back.

Yours for the listening,

3.3.15 | Stay the Night – Zedd / Hayley Williams

Stand-out Lyric/sI am a fire, you’re gasoline / Come pour yourself all over me / We’ll let this place go down in flames only one more time

First off, I’ll start with I’m in love with Hayley Williams from Paramore. Always have been, always will. I believe her voice will always sound amazing, no matter her age. I’ve been listening to her since the beginning and anything she does will make me happy. Enough of me sounding like a stalker.
When I first heard this song, my fiancé and I were kinda on the rocks at the moment. We were still talking to each other every day but not technically “dating” again yet.
I remember hearing this song and feeling this way every time I got to see him. I always thought it was going to be the last time that we spent with each other and that was so scary to me but I was also thankful that I even got another time with him. I tried to keep my emotions at bay when I was with him, and tried to think in the back of my head that we were just friends at the moment, but it was so hard because of the chemistry we had with one another. When I ask him about that time in his life, he tells me that he still loved me and never stopped but we needed to be apart so that both of us could grow and be our own person without one another and it was very true. Looking back for myself, I would never want to go back to that, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t help. We are stronger and more in love then ever and I can’t imagine our love being what it is without that time apart.

Yours for the listening,

2.27.15 | Breed – Nirvana

Stand-out Lyric/s – Even if you have / Even if you need / I don’t mean to stare / We don’t have to breed / We could plant a house / We could build a tree / I don’t even care / We could have all three / She said

Today was another long day at work! But luckily, I had some fun to look forward to at the end of the night. I think I have mentioned before that my best friend and her husband are moving in with my fiancé and I. Tonight was their last night in their old apartment. The apartment where they made a step to be married and have that apartment be the first thing that they shared together, beside their love, of course. Instead of hark on something that could so easily have been harked on, they decided to celebrate.
They had all of their close friends come over for a sleepover, most of us ended up going home but it was good to kind of end on a positive note with everyone that they loved around them.
We played Pictionary, and decided to play boys versus girls. The first round, the ladies whooped the men. But when Andy, another friend that showed up, they definitely whooped us. We also played a card game that involved wizards and spells and daemons. It was a thinking game and had everyone very concentrated. It was a fun time and something that me and my fiancé could partake in and not get bored.
This song was on my friend Liz’s phone during the wizard game and it was the perfect setting for the song. It really felt like we were all back in college with no worries or cares and just doing whatever we pleased. It was the best kind of nostalgia.

Yours for the listening,

2.24.15 | Beautifully – Jay Brannan

Stand-out Lyric/s – Well, she’ll burn that bridge / And build a house / And swallow the smoke in her mouth / And she’ll feel the burn / And then make the choice / To put the fire in her voice      &      “It’s not that you’re not beautiful, you’re just not beautiful to me.”

It’s a weird thing when you listen to music that you used to listen to all the time with certain people. It brings back memories of those people and places that you went and things that you did with them. You start thinking “Why did we ever stop hanging out?” or “Where did we take a wrong turn?”
Thats what this song did to me. While I was in college, this girl in my theatre department and I used to hang out for a bit. We met because of a mutual friend that we had before we became friends. At first, I didn’t like her. I felt threatened by her and she just didn’t seem like the type I would hang out with.
Well, it ended up being the other way around. We ended up spending a lot of time together since we were both in a production at the time and he other girl wasn’t. Before going on stage we would listen to “Teach Me How To Dougie” and other silly songs but if we were in a more somber mood, we would listen to Jay Brannan, and he would sing us into a sweet somber state. I remember this particular girl being very self conscious and not putting any faith in herself. Even though this song reminds me of the time that I spend with her, it also reminds me of her and also the reason we didn’t remain close. She was and still is a beautiful and enlightening girl but I think, more then anything, she is a naive girl that needs others to fuel her confidence. She needs to be the one that sparks her own fire first before she can go looking for others to contribute the fire wood.

Yours for the listening,

2.21.15 | Hush – Kula Shaker

Stand-out Lyric/s – Hush, hush…I thought I heard you’re calling my name now / Hush, hush…you broke my heart but that was a dream now

SO today, I was kinda in a daze. I was definitely hungover from a long night of partying with some of my new friends from work. I don’t remember drinking very much, but it’s been so long since I had done some drinking, that my body was not prepared. So work was a definite journey, and I had to be there all day.
I got a burst of energy though, when my friend, Liz, text me and some other friends about going to see Kingsman: The Secret Service. I was the only one who could go but I was definitely ready to get off work and go see it. My fiancé was out of town, visiting with his friends and I had nothing to do and was scared I was gonna be home all alone for the night.
After I got done a dismal day at work, I ran home, got changed and was off to the movie theatre. Liz was there and ready to go! The movie was great and I loved how it was shot and directed. I also loved the main guy in the movie but we’ll be quiet about that one! 😛 A lot of people told me it would be a little like Kick-Ass and I love Kick-Ass, but from seeing trailers, I didn’t really believe them. It was very similar though! I was glad and I can’t wait to see it again with my fiancé.
I thought of this song for the day because it was in a trailer for the movie and because it had my sense of urgency in the lyrics and fast pace that I had at work in the beat.

Yours for the listening,

2.10.15 | All the Shine – Childish Gambino

Standout Lyric/s – Sometimes I feel like I ain’t supposed to be here / Sometimes I wake up, I don’t want to be here / My mom loved to text me Psalm verses / She don’t look at me like I’m the same person / I used to be the sweet one, but things change

I had the whole day off today! And NO part of me was thinking about working in the slightest bit! Reality is a bitch though and I woke up knowing that within 20 days my best friend and her husband are moving in with my boyfriend and I. That’s not the problem though. The problem is that the house is a mess and the amount of crap that I own is insane. I remember when I moved into this place about 5 years ago and I had two suitcases and a box of all my belongings. Now, if I were to move out, I could fill a U-Haul truck. So it’s time for some spring cleaning before they move in, so you know, they actually have a place to put their things.
I woke up feeling energized and decided that I was going to clean the living and dining room and I did, with the  help of Mr. Childish Gambino. NOTHING, and I repeat NOTHING, gets me more energized and ready to do something I’m dreading, then listening to rap.
I got his album Camp a few years back and I remember listening to it in my Pontiac Sunfire before I went into work. I loved a lot of the songs but this one didn’t really sit with me at the time. It just wasn’t rememberable by any means. When it came on today, while I was cleaning, I had a renewed sense of respect for the song. In the beginning it talks about being who people want you to be or being who you are. (Niggas keep asking on whether this dude’s for real or not / I’m not trying to come hard, I’m trying to come me / That’s why these older songs that I used to make I’d release free / What’s the point of rap if you can’t be yourself, huh?) I really connected with it because I feel like when I’m myself people are super skeptical of it but as soon as I conform to how I think they want me to act, it’s like I’m acting weird and theres no winning in the situation.
Also I relate with the lyrics above just because of how my anxiety can get me down and feel like it’s not worth my time to be here or to act any certain way because nothing matters. At all. Behind all of Childish Gambino’s songs, I really do find truth and a vulnerability that most other rappers don’t have and I think that’s why I enjoy a lot of his music.

Yours for the listening,

2.7.15 | Peaches – In The Valley Below

Stand-out Lyric/s – Working on a feeling, breaking down the ceiling, digging up a deep end / Freezing on the beaches, reaching for the sweetest, sweetest peaches / We won’t live too long / So let’s love for one song

So I had the morning off today, and man, what a morning to be off! It was absolutely beautiful outside! The boyfriend and I got to go out for lunch (we chose Panera) and then we came back to our house and played some frisbee and took a walk around our neighborhood. While we were in the car on the way back from lunch, this song came on the radio. I was just pulling in when I heard it and I ended up staying in the car to keep listening to the song.
I like this song because like I’ve stated before, I’m all about togetherness.
I’m also about living your life to the fullest. I don’t want to get older and while I’m on my death bed be wishing I did a ton of other things. I know I work a lot and a reason I do, is so that my parents don’t have to worry about me. I want to be financially stable so that they don’t need to work anymore then they need to for me. I want them to be able to fully enjoy their life and do whatever they want with it. I also want the same for all of my family and friends and I want to be the one they call if they need anything.
Usually when I go out with friends to dinner, I pay for us all. Not because I want to look like a hot shot or anything, but because I would rather them put their money to things that are fun for them. I love hanging out and seeing my friends and that joy that I get from them is enough for me.
I guess what I’m trying to convey is that I feel like the more I work, the more I can help everyone around me, and for me, I would rather everyone else have fun. I know people might say, you need to do things for yourself too and don’t get me wrong, I do. But if I were to choose, others would be first for sure.
I hope that you cherish all those people that are around you and that you provide them with your loyalty and friendship. I hope that they also give those things back to you. The world would be so much better if we functioned this way.

Yours for the listening,

2.1.15 | The Wolfpack – Angels and Airwaves

Standout Lyric/s Finding a light in a world of ruin / Starting to dance when the earth is caving in / We’re ready to begin

A new month! Nothing like something new to make you believe in beginnings again.
Today was Superbowl XLIX(49). The beginning of the day, I wasn’t really sure what I was going to be doing because this was the first year that I had the Superbowl off in 2 years! I had gotten invited to do a few things but I really wanted to see some of my college friends. After my morning shift (which was brutally slow) I headed home to throw on my Miami Dolphins gear, they weren’t playing but it was the last day of the football season so I had to show my support! I went to the grocery store to grab some snacks then I was on my way to pick up my friend Liz and head to our friend, Andy’s house.
On the way to pick up Liz, I heard this song on one of my Spotify playlists.
It really made me quite excited to see my friends, because with them, there is always fun.
Also, like I said in previous posts, I was tired of working and ready to spend time with people that I love. My boyfriend was unable to make it to the party with me because of work and that saddened me a little bit but I know he wanted me to enjoy myself and to see my friends.
The Superbowl game was alright. I was rooting for the Seahawks, but unfortunately, my team always loses. I loved the halftime show, Katy Perry was amazing and seeing Missy Elliot was very nostalgic. Commercials were awful. I feel like none of them made me laugh out loud, and a lot of them were super depressing but oh well.
It was the time that I spent with my friends after the game that made the whole night though. We played a game called Spaceteam which uses an app on your phone and takes a lot of good communication and concentration and we also played Heads Up, since we are all actors, that was the one we played for a while and it was great! It made me feel like we were a wolf pack and that no one could recreate what we were doing.
Even though I’m sure people could. I love that group of friends and I am forever grateful for their company.

Yours for the listening,

1.23.15 | Santa Monica – Everclear

Standout Lyric/sI don’t wanna be the bad guy / I don’t wanna do your sleepwalk dance anymore / I just wanna see some palm trees / I will try and shake away this disease / We can live beside the ocean / Leave the fire behind / Swim out past the breakers / Watch the world die

I heard this song on the way home from work tonight.
I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life towards people that do not deserve to be hurt. We’re talking a LOT. I want to be renewed. I know it’s a crazy thing to think of. I thought about going to a new place but then I told myself that, that’s running away. I don’t want to run anymore. I want to stay and fight the feelings and emotions and come out stronger, not just start over and then make all the same mistakes again.
This song was reminiscent of my feelings though. Whatever anyone wants to do, I will do at the moment. So if you wanna grab lunch, I’d do it this week with me! 😛 On a serious note, I want to make others happy, and stop living so selfishly, it is always better to give then to receive, and I think that is my new thing. I don’t need anything, I have way too much of everything and I know that’s not the case for everyone. Will I donate to charity? Maybe. But I want to start at the home, and work my way out. People who I know, can barely make their rent, or pay for childcare, and I can’t even imagine that. I gave this guy at my work $20 the other day because he was saying he needed $45 for his electric bill and he only made $25. His face lit up and of course he told me that I didn’t need to, I told him I wanted to. I don’t help people enough, it shouldn’t be a big deal! Everyone should do this for everyone they know.
Ok, I think I went off somewhere, but I hope you understand and if you have anything to give to those around you that you, yourself, do not need, please do. It feels amazing.

Yours for the listening,

1.13.15 | Barbara Ann – The Beach Boys

Standout Lyric/sYou got me rockin’ and a rollin’ / Rockin’ and a reelin’ / Barbara Ann

To be honest, I’m not sure why this song is always in my boyfriend and I’s head. Could it be because of the Minions in Despicable Me? Maybe. But we haven’t watched anything to do with that in a really long time. So I’m ruling that out.
This morning as we were waking up, we both kind of started singing this song to each other. I never really listened to a lot of The Beach Boys in my life. I think the biggest exposure they got in my life was when they were in Full House.
This song is always just so much fun to sing and it immediately gets you grooving! Listening to the track also gives me the giggles because you can tell The Beach Boys were having fun while recording it.
I always aim to have fun when I’m with my boyfriend. With having jobs where we rarely see each other, I find it kind of stupid to spend time fighting so even if were just singing a silly song to one another, it makes my heart so happy that we can share that together.
Get together with a significant other or maybe even your best friend and find a song that you both love to sing and just let go of everything but that moment and see how freeing it is to be super silly with them. It’s one of the best feelings I can ever try to describe.

Yours for the listening,