3.8.15 | My Stupid Mouth – John Mayer

Stand-out Lyric/s – One more thing / Why is it my fault? / So maybe I try too hard / But it’s all because of this desire / Just wanna be liked / Just wanna be funny / Looks like the joke’s on me / So call me “Captain Backfire”

I’m not the biggest John Mayer fan, but I am always in love with the way he captures all of my emotions in his lyrics. Of course there are songs that I like a lot more then others but this song might take the cake.
Whenever I get really comfortable with people, I begin to have no filter and I talk A LOT.
It’s hard for me to have awkward silence with people because I’ve always thought silence was when you’re by yourself. There are a few of my good friends that I can be silent around but thats it. When a friendship is new, its hard for me to shut up and I think a lot of the time, I need to.
A lot of my beliefs are hard for people to understand or just too different then what they already know to be true to believe in as well. I never try to “convert” people, but for them to just listen and understand me a little better. When people don’t do that, it gets me very frustrated and I maybe say things that sound snotty. I am my own person, I do not try to replicate anyone or any belief. I am allowed to feel any certain way that I want. And so are you. Thats what makes us all different and unique and to deny someone their own mind is crazy.
Be yourself and say what you need to say (<another John Mayer song!) even if it seems a little wrong. If it’s what you think, it’s okay.

Yours for the listening,

1.20.15 | Secret – The Pierces

Standout Lyric/sGotta secret? / Can ya keep it? / Swear this one you’ll save / Gotta locket in your pocket / Takin this one to the grave

I apologize for being gone so long. I’ve been sick, and working, and most importantly, trying to fix relationships.
The worst feeling in the world for me is keeping a secret. Not that I can’t keep them. If you are not important to me, I can probably hide anything from you. But if you are close to me, you will know everything about me. I can’t just not tell people how I feel, what I’ve done, and what I’m thinking when I love them.
I chose this song because I feel like if I don’t get out the secrets then I will go to the grave. I feel like telling the truth is a big part of any relationship. I promise you it feels so good to let it all out, even if it’s going to hurt the other person, you have to trust that things are going to go the way they’re supposed to and you’re going to end up happy whatever the result.
I also love this song because it makes me think of girls night with 2 of my best friends, Kaitlynn and Liz. We used to watch Pretty Little Liars every Tuesday, lately our jobs have taken us away from that, but we will get to each other soon enough!!
If you are holding anything in, let it out! It will feel so wonderful!

Yours for the listening,

1.7.15 | Wildflowers – Tom Petty

Standout Lyric/sYou belong somewhere you feel free.

Last night, I watched some Parks and Recreation episodes before going to bed. I ended the night watching the episode where (spoiler alert!) Ann is leaving Leslie to go start her life with Chris and the new baby. Might I just add, not a cool place to end but when you’re tired, y o u’r e t i r e d. As the car is leaving, this song is playing and I just see the awful pain of goodbye in both Leslie and Ann’s eyes and I couldn’t help but start to tear up myself. For one, I’ve been watching this series for a while and have become pretty connected with the characters, and two, I’ve felt their pain every time I leave my parents and I’m going to feel it here in May when one of my best friends leaves to go to Chicago.
I met this friend, Kaitlynn, in college about 5 years back. She messaged me on Facebook to invite me into the theater department and to say hello before I started in the fall. I instantly saw how pretty and popular she seemed to be, and never in a million years did I think I would stand beside her on her wedding day 4 years later.  Our friendship had a slow start because at the time I met her, I was kinda in a cruddy relationship and he didn’t really let me hang out with too many people he didn’t know but once he was gone, our friendship hit the ground running.
I moved out of the apartment I stayed at with my ex, and literally had two suitcases full of clothes and a box of assorted other things in the trunk of my car. We were in a play at the time, and Kaitlynn had seen that I was just kinda floating around crashing on peoples couches. She told me she was moving into a condo that had a second bedroom. I immediately said yes and from there it’s only ever been the best friendship I ever had.
Kaitlynn is always there, no matter what, when I need her. She’s there to give advice, crack a joke, and even just let me cry it out. Even her husband has been there for me!
Kaitlynn and her husband will be leaving in May to go to Chicago and not having her hear is kinda scary to think about. (Especially after watching that episode) But if she were to stay for everyone else, it would make no sense. She needs to do what she feels is right and she deserves to be wherever she wants to be and to feel free and happy. I wish her nothing but the best and I know she will succeed wherever she goes! Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me and I can’t wait to be roomies again before you leave!

Yours for the listening,