3.7. 15 | Talk to Me, Dance with Me – Hot Hot Heat

Stand-out Lyric/s – So safe and comforting… this doesn’t feel like flirting. / So fun I’m distracted… forgot you keep track of it.

I feel like I start every blog by saying I worked most of the day so I’ll try not to do that, but you get it. ::wink wink:: After I was done with the “festivities” of my day, my fiancé and I went to old chicago to grab some food. While we were there, we heard this song. I have not listened to Hot Hot Heat in a long minute, but I do remember being OBSESSED with them.
I used to go to a National Guard Youth Camp every summer when I was younger. I remember having such a great time and making some of the best memories there, like having a full clothed shower in the rain with 2 other girls and getting the most sit-ups for a female in 60 seconds! I also remember the people and the friends that I made there. One of them, I still keep up with on Facebook and she was the one to introduce me to Hot Hot Heat. She was a counselor the last year that I was a camper and every morning while everyone was getting ready, she would play their CD. It was a very dance-y type of CD and got everyone excited for the day even if we were just going to PT. The first thing I did when I got back from camp was buy their CD. I remember trying to introduce everyone I came in contact with to this band thinking I was the absolute coolest.
This CD brings back all the memories of me getting ready when I was younger, which meant the tinniest bit of makeup(lots of eyeliner), brushing my hair, and lots of dancing. It makes me smile and want to dance like an idiot. What better music is there?

Yours for the listening,


And I said “Hey, What’s going on?”

Alright, so I feel like I should start with an explanation..

Every year, I make a New Years resolution to journal more. “That’s lame!” you say, and maybe in one dark corner of my mind, I agree.
With the new invention of TimeHop, I feel like that’s kind of my journal that I can look back on lately.. But at the same time, I feel like it’s not enough. I’ve always felt that writing a journal about my day was  lame and super boring. What’s so exciting about picking up eggs at the grocery store and going to work? You guessed it, absolutely nothing.
Ever since I was really little, I feel like songs have got me more then I get myself. I feel like their vibes and their lyrics have been inspirational, insightful, and more then anything, truthful. When I was 2 years old, my parents said that I would sway back and forth in front of the television to Sinead O’Connor’s, Nothing Compares 2U. I guess that sort of tells you, I’m also pretty emotional. I remember more then I should about the songs that were played in my 2 bedroom townhouse and in the Saturn Ion on our annual Pittsburgh car ride then I do about the people that would come to our townhouse or that I would meet along my way.
So I started to think, “What if, instead of writing about my day and the monotonous things that happen through out my day, I write about a song that hit me or influenced me that day?” I loved it. I thought of just keeping all of it in a small journal underneath my bed or something but I, then, thought about the music community and how it brings people together. I love finding out about new music or hearing someone else’s opinion about a band or a song, and the type of conversations that come from the like and I feel like I could talk forever about it. Even concerts, are some of the most exhilarating events I’ve ever been too because so many people come together for one thing. Listening to , seriously, every type of music, I will try not to be bias, but once again I want to write about things that make me feel. Whatever type of feel it might be that day. I will also be trying to make Spotify playlists of every month so you can listen as well, or steal my playlist. 😉
So I hope you come on my journey and chat with me about music, find out a little more about me, or just try to fill your own playlist.

Yours for the listening,