3.4.15 | Turn It Off – The Book Of Mormon Cast

Stand-out Lyric/s – Turn it off like a light switch / Just go, click / It’s a cool little Mormon trick / We do it all the time / When you’re feeling certain feelings / That just don’t seem right / Treat those pesky feelings like a reading light

So last night, I went to go see The Book of Mormon. It has been such a long time since I’ve seen anything in a theatre and to see a touring show was quite the treat! I went into Book of Mormon with not a clue of what it was about or anything at all. The ONLY thing I knew, was that the creators of South Park had made this musical. That got me excited for some comedy for sure!
I walked out absolutely loving this show! It was great! Just the right mix of tongue-in-cheek comedy with a sense of sincerity as well. I went with two of my girlfriends and we all had a blast. After the show, I had a burst of energy and could not stop singing Turn It Off, a song that was in the show. I felt the urge to perform again, and to get on a stage. Of course I know I’d have to find something that I’m interested in, and then audition, and then get on the stage. But that night just being a goof in my room with my fiancé looking on and giggling at me was enough. It just made me happy! So I decided that I at least have to see 2 touring shows every year. Just to remind why I love performing and why it became such a big part of my life.
When the cast had ended the show, the girl who played Nabulungi, spoke about her experience being on tour and performing the show every night and it almost made me well up. I remember being a part of a theatre community and how strong they were. Yes, they might have been a little clique -y but all in all, I always came out with some of the best friends and memories.
It was a great night being one with the theatre again and I can not wait to go back.

Yours for the listening,

2.21.15 | Hush – Kula Shaker

Stand-out Lyric/s – Hush, hush…I thought I heard you’re calling my name now / Hush, hush…you broke my heart but that was a dream now

SO today, I was kinda in a daze. I was definitely hungover from a long night of partying with some of my new friends from work. I don’t remember drinking very much, but it’s been so long since I had done some drinking, that my body was not prepared. So work was a definite journey, and I had to be there all day.
I got a burst of energy though, when my friend, Liz, text me and some other friends about going to see Kingsman: The Secret Service. I was the only one who could go but I was definitely ready to get off work and go see it. My fiancé was out of town, visiting with his friends and I had nothing to do and was scared I was gonna be home all alone for the night.
After I got done a dismal day at work, I ran home, got changed and was off to the movie theatre. Liz was there and ready to go! The movie was great and I loved how it was shot and directed. I also loved the main guy in the movie but we’ll be quiet about that one! 😛 A lot of people told me it would be a little like Kick-Ass and I love Kick-Ass, but from seeing trailers, I didn’t really believe them. It was very similar though! I was glad and I can’t wait to see it again with my fiancé.
I thought of this song for the day because it was in a trailer for the movie and because it had my sense of urgency in the lyrics and fast pace that I had at work in the beat.

Yours for the listening,

2.18.15 | Marian, The Librarian – Music Man (Musical)

Stand-out Lyric/s – But when I try in here to tell you, dear  / I love you madly, madly,  / Madam Librarian…Marian!

I had a mini flashback today. A flashback of when I went to Community College in Kansas. I remembered life being so simple and care-free. While I was in good ole Iola, Kansas for college, I would wake up at 4:45 for Cheerleading practice at 5, then start classes at 8, go to Dance practice at 3, eat dinner, and go to Theatre rehearsal from 7-11. Afterwards, I would try to get in some homework as well. It’s safe to say, I stayed pretty busy.
My favorite part of the day, had to be when I went to Theatre rehearsal. My first musical I did in Iola, was The Music Man. To be honest, I had heard of the show, but didn’t really care for it. I was cast as a River City teen dancer! There was a group of us all cast as that part and it was the best group I could’ve asked for and I made lasting friendships in that group. I thought of the song “Shepoopi” from The Music Man and all of the memories came flooding back. I remember this song especially because it was one of the bigger dance numbers that we did. I also remember suffering a mild concussion from one of the other dancers hitting me on the head. Thinking of that, makes me smile and laugh a little.
I miss being in that little town, and making memories there. There wasn’t too much to do in the town but you learned how to make your own fun. I had never had to do that in my life before so it was challenging in the beginning, but that town changed my thinking on a lot of things.

Yours for the listening,

1.25.15 | The Heart Wants What It Wants – Selena Gomez

Standout Lyric/s – The future that we hold is so unclear / But I’m not alive until you call / And I’ll bet the odds against it all / Save your advice ’cause I won’t hear / You might be right but I don’t care / There’s a million reasons why I should give you up / But the heart wants what it wants

I finally got to see my best friend in the new year! I already wrote about her before (Wildflowers -Tom Petty) but sometimes you just gotta write about your best friend a million times. 😛
We did a lot of talking, grabbed some lunch, and went to Ulta and went to get some Cinnabuns at Target. This, I told her, is what makes me feel normal. Hanging out with her, discussing ANYTHING that pops into our minds. We have discussed Selena Gomez probably a million times. How we want to be her, sing like her, act like her, why she ever goes back to stupid Justin Beiber, everything. When Selena came out with this song, I texted Kaitlynn immediately to ask her if she had seen/heard it. When she finally listened, she said that it reminded her of her relationship with theatre.
This whole crazy thing that we get into where others get to judge us and tell us if we’re good enough to get “the part.” But yet we love it, we love the feeling we get, when the lights go down, and the curtains open, and we get to perform. People everyday ask us, “Why would you get into theater? Doesn’t it not pay well?” or “Thats your job?” or “What else do you do?” saying that doing theater isn’t enough. We constantly defend it.
Lately, I’ve definitely felt a disconnect with the theatre world, because I feel like at the moment I wouldn’t be doing it for me, but for the directors or just to do a show. I want to participate in something that I believe in and that’s going to make me feel great about defending it every day of my life. And I haven’t really got that feeling from anything lately. I hope it comes back and hits me right in the butt! But until then, I’m not going to do much. I’ll probably talk about this a lot more in future posts, but it was a great day hanging out with Kaitlynn.

Yours for the listening,