3.2.15 | Stolen Dance – Milky Chance

Stand-out Lyric/s – I hope they didn’t get your mind / Your heart is too strong, anyway / We need to fetch back the time / They have stolen from us

A friend of mine at work seems to always have this song stuck in his head and like anyone who loves a good tune, he sings it out loud a lot. So naturally, it then gets stuck in my head and I start singing/dancing. It is really one of the most catchy songs I’ve heard this year. Even after writing the lyrics down, I had to turn on the song and groove along.
Songs that are upbeat and catchy, but still hold a deeper meaning in them that is in some ways almost depressing are always very interesting to me. Any time that I have ever tried to write something, I’ve been very direct in what I was feeling. If I was writing something sad, Id put it to a sad tune, if it was happy, it would go with a happy tune. I guess thats why none of my ideas have gone anywhere but the paper they were written on. But still, it’s hard for me to disguise my feelings, which gets me in trouble a lot. I act on everything that I feel, even if it seems temporary. I’ve been trying to work on this but sometimes it feels like if I don’t get it out, it’ll eat me alive.
The lyrics that I posted above are relevant to my life in the fact that I want people to know what is truly important in their lives. I want them to prioritize based on their feelings, not on what is going to get them up the ladder of success or gain them the most amount of money. If they wanna spend time with people, I hope they get to do that, and I hope this world hasn’t stolen their mind that is capable and willing to see through all the wrong stuff that this world teaches us.

Yours for the listening,


1.14.15 | Use Somebody – Kings of Leon

Standout Lyric/sI’ve been roaming around / always looking down at all I see

It’s definitely been a while since I heard this song.
For some reason though, it was the cadence at work today. I think it started with a manager singing it and then trickled its way to the servers and even some of the cooks who can barely speak English!
I guess it is a crowd favorite though. You could put this song on anywhere, and you would get so many people who knew it or people who wanted to know it.
Hearing this being sung today, definitely took me back.
It took me back to a time, the very first time, that I was s c a r e d and a l o n e in a city that I just picked up my things and moved to. I felt like the reason I came to this city was so that I could start over and gain relationships that molded me into the “real” me rather then hinder me. But during this lonely time, I started to think that it wasn’t the city letting me down, it was myself. I searched and searched to try to find who I was, but I didn’t have to search or put my hand out to anyone. I was and will always be who I am. I just needed to see that a new city or a new friends list wasn’t going to be the way to find it.
I know a lot of people who think that I left to start over, and maybe I did, in the beginning. But I think what I needed was to be away from those people to form my own opinions about the world and what’s in it on my own.

Yours for the listening,