3.8.15 | My Stupid Mouth – John Mayer

Stand-out Lyric/s – One more thing / Why is it my fault? / So maybe I try too hard / But it’s all because of this desire / Just wanna be liked / Just wanna be funny / Looks like the joke’s on me / So call me “Captain Backfire”

I’m not the biggest John Mayer fan, but I am always in love with the way he captures all of my emotions in his lyrics. Of course there are songs that I like a lot more then others but this song might take the cake.
Whenever I get really comfortable with people, I begin to have no filter and I talk A LOT.
It’s hard for me to have awkward silence with people because I’ve always thought silence was when you’re by yourself. There are a few of my good friends that I can be silent around but thats it. When a friendship is new, its hard for me to shut up and I think a lot of the time, I need to.
A lot of my beliefs are hard for people to understand or just too different then what they already know to be true to believe in as well. I never try to “convert” people, but for them to just listen and understand me a little better. When people don’t do that, it gets me very frustrated and I maybe say things that sound snotty. I am my own person, I do not try to replicate anyone or any belief. I am allowed to feel any certain way that I want. And so are you. Thats what makes us all different and unique and to deny someone their own mind is crazy.
Be yourself and say what you need to say (<another John Mayer song!) even if it seems a little wrong. If it’s what you think, it’s okay.

Yours for the listening,


2.5.15 | Dancing in the Corner – Monarchy

Standout Lyric/s Not gonna give in / Not gonna give in to the law / Just keep on movin’ on / Just keep on movin’ on / Follow the bright stars / Follow the bright stars at our tears / Just keep on movin’ on

Today was a day where I worked all day but I got a small break in where I got to come home and spend some time with my headphones. I’m not really sure what kind of list this song was on, but the beat was so catchy and I immediately found myself humming along.
The message of this song is to “turn your back against the world” and “dance in a corner” by yourself. Even if you are dancing all alone in a corner, you should always stand up for what you believe in, even if no one else believes it. Should you question it? Eh, maybe. If you feel in the bottom of your heart that what you are doing is right, you should have no other response to this world then to dance and enjoy it.
I believe it’s very hard to live in today’s world and believe in something that everyone else is so against. I mean, to be perfectly honest, half the time, I’m afraid to write a status update on Facebook because of any type of backlash I will get on it. And those are my “friends”! Imagine going against people who aren’t even in your friend circle. Super scary. But I think more people need to think like Monarchy and say “Fuck it, we don’t need them.” You’re voice is too powerful to be shushed and to be squandered. If you believe in it, that all the magic it takes!

Yours for the listening,